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83 eighty three | about | HITOMI | U-1

83  eighty three

ボーカル HITOMI と、ギター&ボーカル U-1 によるユニット




A musical band formed by HITOMI (vocals) and U-1 (guitar & vocals).

In 2017, HITOMI and U-1, a singer-songwriter got together.

On March 21st 2018, they have made their CD debut by releasing their first CD single called "Kingyo." 

They have been performing at live music clubs lately. 

HITOMI    Vocal


  birthday:  8/8​  (August 8th)

  place of birth:  Tokyo

  • ホワイトTwitterのアイコン
  • ホワイトInstagramのアイコン

U-1    Guitar&Vocal


  birthday:  3/7  (March 7th)

  place of birth:  Hyogo

  • ホワイトTwitterのアイコン
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